In Edo Japan, the traditional Japanese lantern came into being. Made of washi paper wrapped around a circular bamboo frame, chouchin (hanging lights) were used to illuminate a samurai’s way at night. Lower ranking samurai also crafted paper lanterns for a living, and lantern-making remains a revered art form. Jibari-shiki, the affixing style of lantern-making, requires particular skill to master. Using thick, flat bamboo sticks, the frame is made by shaping individual rings and binding them together with string. Exceptionally durable, a jibari-shiki frame supports heavy washi paper, which casts a warm, textured glow. Handwoven with a ribbed construction that evokes the bones of traditional lanterns, Jibari’s form relies on the dexterity and skill of its weavers. No two textiles are exactly the same — and like a lantern, its distinct surface is clarified the closer one looks.
Our knife-edge pillowcases are fitted with an invisible zipper and come with a hypo-allergenic, synthetic down insert.
• 20” x 20”
• 100% cotton
• weave on front and back
• insert included
• dry-clean only
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Weight 2 lbs

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