Embroidery in Japan reached its full expression in theatrical Noh textiles, which echoed the garments of the samurai elite using nuihaku — a technique combining embroidery with gold and silver, and karaori — a woven brocade of polychrome patterns. Kitsune alludes to the shape-shifting fox spirit, who gains power as he ages and grows a new tail every hundred years. Through the centuries, his red fur turns gold and then white. Inspired by folklore, this hand-embroidered pillow merges the elusive beauty of Noh drama with the animism of Japanese mythology.
Our knife-edge pillowcases are fitted with an invisible zipper and come with a hypo-allergenic, synthetic down insert.
• 20” x 20”
• 100% cotton front with embroidery
• backed with our Bayan velvet
• insert included
• dry-clean only
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Weight 2 lbs

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