For many artists and dreamers, Nature has always been an object of desire — that is to say that so many have tried to capture its essence through boundless efforts of creativity. But in the centuries of doing so, we still realize that there is no one way of seeing — that each person experiences the natural world not only by observation, but by projecting their own belief of beauty on their subject, rendering each interpretation as something wholly unique. A dandelion to one is something entirely different to another.

For our third collection of wallpaper, we embrace nature at its most surreal. Its elements, its ethos — the creatures that roam around at our feet and above — all possess more secrets than we know. And our own imaginations guide us in our endless quest to understand the uncanny. We try to dissect its mythos, unravel its magic, only to realize that this is a purely impossible feat. So we tell stories to make sense of such wonders — some holding fragments of truth while others are glittered with the ridiculous and extraordinary. Perhaps no tale is too far-fetched, for nature works in mysterious ways. It continues to lure us, revealing just enough to keep us dazzled, captivated, and yearning for more.


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